About Me

Produce new ideas and build new world

What I do?

Software Engineer - by Profession, Artist and Photographer - by Choice Digging deep into IT Technologies, Carrying out research on upcoming technologies since I believe we don't need Doctorate Degree to do research.

Vision towards Life

चेहरे की हंसी से हर गम चुराओ,
बहुत कुछ बोलो पर कुछ ना छुपाओ |
खुद ना रूठो कभी पर सबको मनाओ,
राज़ है ये जिंदगी का बस जीते चले जाओ।
- Alok Vishwakarma

Why I connect with people?

Life is too short. I believe in giving helping hand to all, Professionally as well as Personally. There no better feeling than "Because of you someone has smile at his/her face".
"Spread Happiness"

Hard Work, Hope, Positive Attitude and Love - makes life beautiful!

My philosophy

Give Others

Giving and loving is a beautiful thing. We may not able to change everyone's life but we can give s helping hand, love and care to people around us.

Why to thank ?

  1. Thank to God for the abilities which he gave.
  2. Thank to God for the people whom you have in your life.
  3. Thank to God since he always being with you even we commit so much of mistakes.

Respect Yourself

Never lie to yourself. I believe if you cannot be honest to yourself then you cannot be honest to anyone else.

Work Areas

Technology Research
Arts and Painting
Social Work

Get in touch

Ambedkar Nagar,Uttar Pradesh,India

Call: +91 944.590.7270